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Posted by servandovill - December 19th, 2012

well people i just finish half year of medicine school... and now i just making a obligatory course that i have to take. Sadly i will have no time to make any video for newgrounds, but i have been using watercolor lately so heres a drawing of my eye. c:

news news from servandovill

Posted by servandovill - June 19th, 2012

im going to have some awesome vacations, and hope to finish some flash that i didnt finish with linktube for halloween, so stay tune, and 1 last thing.... can someone tell me a decent free program that can convert .swf files into a video file? i dont care which file, .avi. mp4 , anything just i want to put minegoree to my youtube channel thats all. thanks.

Posted by servandovill - November 30th, 2011

for the first time i got an car accident and i almost lost my eye. My sister was driving very fast and lost the control so here im , when i go the crash i fainted and when i woke up the medic arrive and i notice that i got a big sexy(in my opinion) scar and a injure inside my mouth which is bugging me alot , so sorry people for not making animations.

i crashed..

Posted by servandovill - September 3rd, 2011

i been working now for 2 weeks on my next submmition, and im kind of stressed sbout this, because im doing also a madness contest, and i want to be good on both. so heres one of the scenes of the menu from minecraft animation. go ahead and comment about what u think

minecraft update

Posted by servandovill - August 27th, 2011

since now i will continue my 3rd animation , and the topic will be!!! MINECRAFT!!!! a pretty sweet idea, and heres kind of a scene that will be awesome by the time i will upload it. but, im scared, because i dont know that this project could be at the level of the one i did before, and i hope this animation fullfill the expectatives of all of the users.

my mac returned!

Posted by servandovill - August 19th, 2011

hi people , recently ,just after my project imaginary coolness , my mac where i do everything broke! so i got a old computer install flash 8 macromedia , and begin my project for the madness contest , heres a image of the first scene i hope u people like it! and God!!! i wish to have a decent computer again!!!!!!!

Madness project

Posted by servandovill - August 7th, 2011

sorry people i was making a m9inecraft animation , and my mac pro (laptop) is dead , totally dead and i will have no freaking future here cause im writing in a very old computer , so people, im sorry , i have no money to make this work , i hope i can make more in a future , i hope isnt in a far future.

Posted by servandovill - August 1st, 2011

my recent animation got a good success and people like it , wil make more! this time is about africa! totally a new enviroment

if u want to see the progression just access this link

http://www.livestream.com/servando14/v ideo?clipId=pla_bfe64b7a-96a8-4e5d-93d 5-faeaa35b0233&utm_source=lslibrary&ut m_medium=ui-thumb

new animation coming soon

Posted by servandovill - July 22nd, 2011

im making a project of comedy , that im almost sure that will make everyone laugh, except haters. first , heres my live streaming channel so you people can see me in live , about my animations :)


New project

Posted by servandovill - April 4th, 2011

adventures time!

my major inspiration